Interview with Jan Roberts

Better Babies, Conception and the multiple Brains

We spoke with Jan Roberts, world-leading author and expert on natural ways to improve fertility and achieve healthier birth and babies, about 'Better Babies, Conception and the multiple Brains'.Jan is an expert in women's reproductive health and in natural ways to improve fertility and achieve healthier pregnancy, birth, bonding and breastfeeding. She has an honours degree in pharmacy from Sydney University and a postgraduate diploma in Clinical Nutrition. Her 45 years of business experience ranges across retail pharmacy, natural medicine, communication, education, promotions, product development and endorsement, sales and marketing and more. Jan is the author of six best-selling books, published internationally, with translations into Dutch, Spanish and Italian. Ebooks and most recently mini ebooks make her work available globally. She is also an accomplished public speaker and since the publication of her first book in 1996, has addressed hundreds of gatherings of health professionals, students, support and corporate groups as well as prospective parents in Australia, NZ, the US and Asia. In 2011, Jan won the Sydney University Pharmacy Alumni Award for Achievement “working to improve the health of the next generation.”