mBIT Coach Certification Criteria

To be certified under mBIT International license agreement, a Certified mBIT Coach must be able to fulfill the following criteria:

Formal Training

Have attended and successfully completed an official 4 day mBIT Coaching Certification conducted by an authorised and licensed mBIT Coaching Certification Trainer.

‘Successful completion’ is defined as:

  • a) full attendance of the entire 4 day mBIT Coaching Certification training, and

  • b) demonstrated competence in the following areas of knowledge and skill:


a) The mBIT Roadmap

b) The Highest Expressions

c) Neural integration Blocks

d) Neural Integrative Engagements

e) mBIT Toolkit

f) Basic understanding of the ANS and the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems

g) ANS balance/coherence and HRV

h) The Prime Functions

i) The mBIT Core mBraining Competencies Framework

j) Neural Syntax mapping

k) The Foundational Sequence

l) The 5 Neural Integrative Constraints

m) mBIT Coaching Code of Ethics


Ability to:

a) Perform balanced breathing and facilitated client into balanced breathing process

b) Facilitate client along the mBIT Roadmap

c) Facilitate client into their mBIT Highest Expressions

d) Know when mBIT Coaching is not appropriate and to refer client to a health professional

e) Facilitate Neural Integrative Engagements

f) Facilitate Neural integration Blocks

g) Use the mBIT Toolkit to diagnose and facilitate client issues

h) Facilitate the mBIT Foundational Sequence

i) Calibrate how the client is mBraining

j) Do neural syntax mapping

k) Calibrate olfactory and gustatory predicates

l) Calibrate gut brain signals and communication patterns

m) Calibrate heart brain signals and communication patterns

n) How to use smells and tastes to facilitate behavioural change

o) Use the mBIT Core Competencies Framework to diagnose the client’s situation


a) Desire to live from their highest expressions

b) Desire to increase the wisdom of their daily decisions and actions

c) Desire to make a positive difference in the world

d) Act professionally and ethically at all times in relation to mBIT

e) Open to peer collaboration and connection with the mBIT ‘community’

Download a PDF of the Criteria here:



mBIT Coach Certification Criteria.pdf