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Marvin is a highly sought after international consultant and key-note speaker specializing in leading edge behavioral change technologies and research. Recognized as a world leader and authority in his field, Marvin has built an impressive track record helping organizations with strategic, systemic and cultural change. Marvin’s clients range from private enterprises to government agencies throughout the world.Marvin’s professional background is in the innovative and groundbreaking field of Behavioral Modeling. This exciting field examines various forms of human talent, ability and expertise, and then seeks to create models and methods to replicate these forms of superior performance in others.

Marvin is one of only five people in the world who have been recognized by his peers with the rare title of ‘Certified Master Behavioral Modeler’. Additionally Marvin was one of the first five people to achieve the accredited status of a ‘Certified NLP Master Trainer’ in the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and at that time was the youngest ever to have reached this level of professional competency.

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii and now living in Australia, Marvin is one of the founding Directors and is on the board of the International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA) based in Washington, DC, with representation in over 42 countries worldwide. Marvin is currently the Executive Director of Behavioural Modelling Research Pty Ltd.

Grant was an international leadership consultant, trainer and writer with backgrounds and expertise in Organisational Change, Coaching, Training and Leadership Development. He had an advanced degrees and certifications in Psychology, Positive Psychology, Applied Physics, Computer Engineering and System Development. He was a qualified Total Quality Management (TQM) Trainer, and had achieved Master Practitioner Certification in the behavioral sciences of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Advanced Behavioral Modeling. Grant was awarded a Graduate Coaching Diploma in the newly emerging field of Authentic Happiness Coaching.

Grant had wide ranging expertise and experience in the educational sector as a Lecturer, Coach, Training Developer, Instructional Designer and Facilitator. He also had extensive backgrounds in Business Development, Senior Technical Consulting and Project Management. Grant provided coaching and mentoring to CEO’s and Senior Executives around the world.

Before his passing, Grant was a Consultant Lecturer at a leading Australian University where he ran workshops and programs on Social Media Marketing and the applications of Positive Psychology to Conflict Resolution, Risk Management and Organizational Change. Grant also had a successful consulting company providing services to organizations predominantly in the finance sector.

Grant published articles and papers in International Journals, in the fields of Leadership, Coaching, Philosophy, Applied Physics and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Grant Soosalu 1959-2019

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