Interview with Tom Rankin

Feldenkrais and the multiple Brains

Tom Rankin has more than thirty years of experience in the Fitness industry. He is a Feldenkrais expert and teacher and runs somatic movement wellness classes and workshops for the Health Improvement Program at Stanford University, South Bay YMCAs and S3NSE (South Bay Network of Somatic Education). He became interested in the Feldenkrais Method when rehabilitating his shoulder after surgery. Even through Tom's left clavicle has a steel plate with five screws in it; Feldenkrais taught him how to improve not only his left arm but also all of his functioning. Many of Tom's Feldenkrais students are over the age of fifty and a few are well into their nineties. They have all learned that it is never too late to make life better.I spoke with Tom about how Feldenkrais techniques can be used to communicate with and bring deep awareness to the heart and gut neural intelligences.

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