mBIT Trainings

As mBIT continues to develop and spread across the world, bringing a profound and transformational difference to people's lives, we are compassionately and courageously creating more AMAZING trainings and workshops based on mBIT insights and methodology.

Below is a growing list of mBIT Trainings that you will find Trainers running across the planet. If you are a Trainer who wants to learn how to train the multiple brains of your participants or who wants to come to a Trainers Training and start offering any of the transformational and leading-edge trainings below, please contact us. And if you are someone who wants to truly take your life to the next level and align and tap into your own intuitive wisdom, applying the power of neural plasticity to how you evolve your world, then please check out the 'Upcoming Events & Workshops' page to find the nearest mBIT training near you.

mBIT Certified Coach Training

Human beings have been shown by Neuroscience to have not just one brain -- but three! Yes, three complex, functional and adaptive neural networks, or what the scientists studying them are calling 'brains'; one in the heart, one in the gut and of course, one in the head. These brains exhibit neural plasticity, learning and memory. And each has it's own domains of expertise and competencies. If you are a Coach and you don't know how to communicate with, align and work with the multiple brains (head, heart, gut) of your Clients then you are working somewhat blind and only leveraging change through head based coaching. In this certification training you will learn a profound and simple model for coaching transformational and emergent change.

mBIT Certified Trainer Training

Are you a Trainer who wants to take their training to a new level? Do you want to learn how to train the multiple brains (head, heart and gut) of your participants? Do you want to truly liberate the human spirit? If so, then come learn how to train the mBIT Coach Certification training and become part of a growing wisdom community of mBIT Trainers who are making a profound and transformation difference to the world! As an mBIT Trainer you will also be eligible to gain the licenses and accreditation to run the other mBIT programmes such as Evolve Your World and mBIT Leadership Decision Making. Note that pre-requisite for becoming an mBIT Trainer is to have completed certification as an mBIT Coach.

mBraining Evolve Your World! Workshop

Would you like to experience evolutionary change in your life? Would you like to tap into your deepest and most authetic self and liberate your human spirit? Then this 2-day personal evolution workshop is for you!You see, we each have three brains, three complex, adaptive and functional neural networks in our head, heart and gut. And when we don't have them aligned through their Highest Expressions, then we end up with problems in life and don't live as congruently and authentically as we can. In this breakthrough new neuroscience based programme, you will learn to bring your spirit alive and liberate your life using the power of aligned neural plasticity!

mBIT Leadership Decision Making Training

The mBIT Leadership Decision Making programme is a 2-day workshop based on the neuroscience of intuitive decision making. It teaches you how to cope with Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous decision environments and how to tap into your deep intuitive wisdom. In the increasingly complex and volatile social and business environments that organizations operate in, leaders who are unable to tap into and harness the full intuitive and innate intelligence of their multiple brains (head, heart and gut brains aligned together) are at a distinct disadvantage.

mBIT Massage Certification Training

Offer a massage thats re-organisational. A massage that’s Transformational. A massage that connects your client to themselves in ways that brings the human spirit alive. Become professionally certified in mbit Massage and join a fast growing field that is taking the world by storm.If you are wanting to evolve your profession and take your Body work practice to the next level by offering your clients a deeper understanding of who they are then mBIT Massage may be just the thing your after.Whether your a myotherapist, a chiropractor, a life coach, a kineasiologist or an business entrepreneur, adding the tool kit that comes with mBraining trainings will transform how you work with people, your business, and ultimately, your life.