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multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT) is a powerful and deeply insightful new field that advances the fields of NLP and Personal Development.

Taking NLP to new levels...

mBIT takes NLP to new levels -- it takes up where NLP left off -- when the developers of NLP decided to throw out the two senses (OG) of Olfactory and Gustatory from the VAKOG sensory 5-tuple, they accidentally threw out the intelligence of two of our 3 key neural networks.

NLP LOST the power and intelligence of the heart and gut brains!​

Core competencies...

The new field of mBIT and the 'text book' for the field -- mBraining -- unlocks and explores the core competencies of your multiple brains with powerful techniques to quickly align your brains via their highest expressions and generate more wisdom and success in life.

Learn about the Prime Functions and Core Competencies of each of your brains and how to leverage them to 'Evolve your World'.

Integrating the three brains...

Now mBIT reclaims and integrates these powerful brains to bring more wisdom to the behavioral technology of NLP.

mBIT provides tools to communicate with the head, heart and gut brains and to align and integrate them.

Generative wisdom...

Generative wisdom requires all three of your brains to be engaged at their highest levels of expression. Wisdom is not generative if it’s not creative, compassionate and courageous.

mBIT provides tools for tapping into the deep intuitive wisdom of your gut brain, aligning that with the creative insights of your head brain and tempering it all with powerful heart intelligence.

The insight of neuro-linguistics...

If you've ever 'lost heart', been 'gutted', had a powerful gut reaction, or experienced deep intuitive messages from your heart, then you'll immediately recognize just how pervasive the intelligence and impacts of our multiple brains can be.

The fields of Neuro-Linguistics and Cognitive-Linguistics have both shown that metaphor and meaning are deeply embodied. Now mBIT allows you to unlock the process of embodiment at a neurological level.

Coaching success!

mBIT and mBraining take Coaching into whole new realms, whether it be Life Coaching, Performance Coaching, Executive Coaching or Sports Coaching. Understanding how people use their heart and gut intelligences to either limit themselves or empower themselves via dreams, motivations and core identity is crucial to real coaching success.

This is the power of mBIT -- to harness and align the intelligence of all the multiple brains for happiness and success!

mBIT - "Evolve your World"

mBIT is an evolutionary change model. When you learn mBIT, you learn to coach yourself to:

Get in touch with your deep intuitions

Intimately connect with your self and with others

Express your highest sense of self

Create generative wisdom in all aspects of your life

Evolve your world!

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