Evolve Your World!

“Learn how you have complex and adaptive neural networks or ‘brains’

in your heart and gut and how to tap into their deep intuitive wisdom.”

  • How would your life be if you acted on your goals, plans and dreams every day?

  • What would your life be like if you could easily make decisions?

  • How would your relationships be if you could discuss how you really feel?

  • Who would you be if you could drop unwanted behaviours and habits?

  • How are you currently connecting with your deeper inner self?

  • Do you feel there is more to you than you are bringing to the world right now?

Are you ready to change your life?

  • To use your head, heart & gut in their ‘highest expression

  • To tap into the power of your multiple intelligences

  • To understand how you can better guide the way your head, heart & gut interact, adapt & work together

  • To easily live your own personal brand of wisdom!

Evolve Your World is based on a melding of leading edge neuroscience research

and deep insights from ancient wisdom traditions.

The workshop is experiential & teaches multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT) to align & connect your head, gut and heart brains (using neurogenesis - leveraging neuroplasticity) to learn and grow new neural pathways.

Evolve Your World gives you a powerful framework and simple practical techniques to:

  • Quickly relieve stress

  • Expand how you use your intuition

  • Process information more holistically to enable faster, better decisions

  • Be your authentic self, comfortably, easily & more joyfully

Based on the breakthrough new book mBRAINING

Check out upcoming trainings for further information and to find out about workshops running near you in this amazing new behavioural technology.