mBIT Master Coach

Discover your keys to take your mBIT Coaching to new levels…

Note that pre-requisite for Master Coach Training is to have completed the mBIT Coach Certification training.

In this 5-day training you will learn how to go into mastery as an mBIT Master Coach and receive a certificate as an mBIT Master Coach from mBIT International Pty Ltd .

You will learn the components of Mastery and how they apply to mastery in bringing the human spirit alive.

You will learn more refined skills and distinctions on working with deeper integration of head, heart and gut.

You will learn how to work with the ANS as a ‘brain’ or adaptive intelligence - its

prime functions, core competencies and highest expressions and in particular working on Will Power.

You will learn how to work with ‘sex brain’, and in particular with respect to coaching relationship issues and the aspect of passions and hungers in a person’s life - its prime functions, core competencies and highest expressions.

You will learn more about neural plasticity and how to amplify it for changing the ways of being and doing.

You will learn how to work with the Toolkit Categories as a competency hierarchy (and thereby addressing each of the key areas including coaching for health etc.).

You will be guided in learning deeper the science behind mBIT and receive resources to help you become comfortable with this material.

You will learn how to work deeper with ecology issues.

You will learn deeper levels of systemic coaching.

You will learn deeper values work.

You will learn how to deepen and strengthen all the phases in the roadmap.

You will learn more language skills.

You will get the very latest updates.

“mBraining extends notions of both brain and mind. Steven Pinker famously says that ‘the mind is what the brain does’. Oka and Soosalu suggest that a greater mind is a function of a greater brain, that comprising head, heart, and hara..

Stephen Elliott, Author and Life Scientist, COHERENCE, USA


Once trained as certified mBIT Master Coaches, you will receive the following benefits…

  • You get a new leading competitive benchmark in your market.

  • You build a close relationship with Wilbert, and mBIT International.

  • You deepen your own mBIT skills and integrate them more fully into your life.

  • Opens the opportunity to get work in different industries to which mBIT applies such as Leadership, Spiritual Development, Coaching, Health, Sports Development, Neuroscience etc.

  • Mentoring & Supervision

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