Interview with Stephen Elliott

The Science of Coherent Breathing & the Six Bridges

Stephen Elliott is the developer of the Coherent Breathing method and the co-author of the excellent book ‘The New Science of Breath’. Stephen is a long term practitioner, and teacher of Eastern yogic and martial arts and an avid life sciences researcher. He possesses a unique “systems view” resulting from the synthesis of diverse fields of knowledge including physiology, engineering, esoteric arts, and alternative medicine, as well as a deep understanding of Taoist practices, yoga and meditation that can only be forged via direct experience. Stephen is a prolific inventor with over 20 patents, many of which are in the area of coherent breathing and life sciences. Stephen is also the primary proponent of the respiratory arterial pressure wave theory of heart rate variability and is the inventor of the Six Bridges method which combines Coherent Breathing with conscious relaxation of specific anatomical zones he calls "bridges".To find out more about Steve's work, visit:

Interview with Steve Elliott - Part 2 - The Six BridgesAnd you can check out Steve's book here: