Interview with Mark Taylor

Balancing the Wisdom of your Three Brains

We spoke with Mark Taylor about balancing the wisdom of the three brains. Mark is a researcher and teacher of developmental movement awareness and embodied anatomy. He entered the field as a result of his long career as a dancer, choreographer, and dance company director, being the parent of a developmentally disabled child, and thirty-five years of meditation practice. He directs the Center for BodyMindMovement, which provides certification programs in Somatic Movement Education, located in Pittsburgh, PA, Eugene, OR, and Mexico City. As a choreographer, Mark directed Dance Alloy in Pittsburgh, PA, and was on the dance faculties of Princeton University and the University of Limerick, Ireland. Mark trained as a yoga teacher with the Himalayan Institute, he teaches anatomy for yoga teacher training programs and maintains a private practice in movement therapy in Pittsburgh. He is a director of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA).

You can find Mark's excellent article on accessing the wisdom of Your body: balancing the three brains at