Interview with James Tripp

Communicating with the Heart and Gut

James Tripp is an internationally recognised and respected Coach, People Developer and teacher of Hypnosis and Influential Communication. He is the developer of the critically acclaimed Hypnosis Without Trance approach to hypnosis – a pragmatic approach that focuses on the use of language and communication to direct attention and seed ideas, for the purpose of altering another persons understanding and perception.James has a BA (hons) in Philosophy from the University of London and a wide range of degrees and qualifications including those in Osteopathy and Natural Therapeutics, Clean Language, Clean Space and Symbolic Modelling, Spiral Dynamics and is a Licensed NLP Trainer. James has also worked professionally as a magician, mentalist and ‘street hypnotist’.James has been actively involved with Hypnosis, NLP, Self-Change and developing Personal Adaptedness for over 20 years. His London and UK workshops typically draw students from around the world who come specifically to learn his unique approaches.

As well as overt hypnosis and Personal Adaptedness Coaching, James is also recognised for his skill with ‘conversational hypnosis’ and hypnotic language as well as Influential Communication in general, and has been sought out to consult in the fields of sales, changework, transformative coaching, teaching and business leadership. James has developed his own technique for communicating with the Head, Heart and Gut using conversational hypnosis.

We spoke with James about his work, his technique and its similarities with mBIT and how to communicate with the heart and gut brains through hypnosis without using trance.

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