mBIT Coach Code of Conduct

mBIT Professional Certified Coach

Code of Conduct and Ethics

The following is the ‘mBIT Code of Conduct and Ethics’ that all mBIT Certified Coaches agree to adhere to:

  • To always conduct themselves to the highest levels of ethics, integrity, accountability and responsibility.

  • To not offer guidance, advice or council in any specialized area in which mBIT Coaches are not qualified or licensed to do so, for example, mBIT Coaches do NOT provide medical, psychological, legal or financial advice (unless they are separately certified or licensed by the appropriate professional body to do so).

  • To treat all clients and potential clients with dignity, confidentiality and respect.

  • To take all reasonable steps to notify the appropriate authorities in the event a client discloses an intention to endanger self or others.

  • To maintain the good reputation of the mBIT Coaching profession, the field of mBIT and mBIT International Pty Ltd.

  • To always accurately represent their levels of qualifications, expertise, title, competence and experience in order not to mislead, misrepresent or defraud.

  • To not knowingly mislead or make false claims about what clients will receive from the coaching process.

  • To clearly state up-front to all clients and potential clients, the terms of any commercial agreements and arrangements including the expectations of both parties.

  • To honor all agreements or contracts with clients.

  • To disclose any anticipated compensation from third parties that may be received for referrals of clients.

  • To obtain written permission from any client or potential client before releasing their names as referees.

  • To strictly respect the rights of clients' confidentiality except as expressly permitted by the client or potential client in writing or as required by law.

  • To recommend other coaches, appropriate professionals or resources when these are more appropriate to the clients' needs.

  • To avoid all conflicts of interests and give notice of such potential conflicts to clients before they arise or as soon as is practically possible.

  • To not become sexually or romantically intimate with any current clients.

  • To maintain, store, and dispose of any client records in a manner that promotes confidentiality, security, and privacy, and complies with all applicable laws and agreements.

  • To respect all copyrights, agreements, work, intellectual property, trademarks and comply with all laws covering such areas.

  • To avoid coaching minors (people under the age of 18) without the express written consent of their parent, guardian or teacher as appropriate.

  • To comply with all laws and by-laws of the Country of residence and, if coaching clients based abroad, also comply with the laws of the clients' country.

  • To ensure that all advertisements and promotional materials, whether verbal or written, are legal, decent, truthful, honest and in compliance with the requirements of the Advertising Standards Authority in the country of use.

  • To make a copy of this Code freely available to clients if they request it.

NOTE: If an mBIT Coach breaches this mBIT Code of Ethics, it is understood that mBIT International Pty Ltd or its Agents reserves the right at their sole discretion to withdraw or cancel the mBIT Coach Certification from the Coach, who will then NOT be licensed to practice mBIT Coaching.

Download a copy of the mBIT Code of Conduct and Ethics in PDF form below:

mBIT Professional Certified Coach - Code of Conduct.pdf