Acknowledgements and thanks

We'd like to thank and acknowledge all the people who helped make mBIT and mBraining possible, who supported us in our Action Research and Coaching work, the development of our models and techniques and the writing of the book. Without all your wonderful support, connection and interest the mBIT model wouldn’t be as grounded and integrated as you have all helped us make it.

Special thanks to:

    • Dr Ari Diskin and Roselyn Katz of Diskin Life for kindly and generously hosting our Action Research workshops

    • Sebastian Kaulitzki of for his amazing graphics

    • Alyssa and Murray Finlay of Artifact Design Group for all their fantastic art and graphics design work

    • Alex Heng for his generous video and graphics work and his passionate support

    • Pauline Wong for her highly valued advice

    • Allison Staggard, Jan Marsh, David Allan and David McCombe for their proof reading and valuable feedback

    • All the participants of our Action Research workshops and all those kind and generous people involved in our Case Study work and mBIT Coaching sessions

    • The following authors and researchers for their very kind permission to quote or reference their excellent work: Prof. Eugene Gendlin, Gavin de Becker, Joy Ainley, Stephen Elliot, The Institute of Heartmath, Mantak Chia, Will Scully, Mary O'Malley and Ken Marslew

    • We’d also like to acknowledge that Coherent Breathing® is a registered trademark of Coherence LLC and that Heartmath® is a registered trademark of the Institute of HeartMath

    • The beautiful and wonderful ladies in our lives: Fiona, Cherie, Karis and Sachi, your love, support and encouragement have filled our lives with magic

    • And finally we'd like to thank all those people who have purchased or read our book and who continue to passionately share and spread the word about mBIT and how mBraining really can make a positive difference to the world we live in!