Interview with Amanda Gore

Joy in the Heart

Amanda’s focus is on the study and practice of bringing deep, heart-based joy to life, and we spoke with her about the power of joy in the heart and it's impacts to your life.Amada Gore is a world-renowned keynote speaker and educator, and a communications and performance expert. She uses the latest research in neuroscience, positive psychology, epigenetics, and emotional intelligence, to help leaders achieve the results they need by getting people engaged in, enthusiastic about and aligned with their values, goals and vision. Her focus is on creating joyful workplaces that lead to better performance.

Amanda is the author of five books and several DVD and audio training programs, and has a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy, a major in psychology and is a master practitioner of neurolinguistics. Amanda’s passion is the study and practice of bringing deep, heart-based joy to life. She helps people reconnect to what really matters – the energy and emotional layers that really drive performance, innovation, relationships, engagement and creativity in business and life.

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