From the desk of Dr Wyatt Woodsmall

As I have travelled around the world for over 30 years training NLP, the question that I am most frequently asked is, ‘where is NLP going and what comes next?’ People want to know what else is out there that is of comparable power to NLP, that is compatible with NLP, and that builds on it. I have searched hard and up until now I have found nothing. That has just changed with the publication of ‘mBraining: Using your multiple brains to do cool stuff ‘, by Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu.

Students all over the world want NLP to be scientific. They are constantly challenged to demonstrate the scientific validity of NLP. The old argument that it simply works can no longer hold up in a world of increasing rigor. People want to know why it works. In short, they want NLP to be a science. Unfortunately, the way NLP is usually taught lacks both rigor and scientific validity. Tragically, the way that some teach it is little removed from voodoo and witchcraft. It then becomes too ‘woo-woo’ and ‘touchy feely’, and gives NLP a bad reputation.

mBraining takes up where NLP leaves off. It builds upon and integrates the NLP techniques that you already know. NLP does a great job in dealing with the cognitive brain and a less effective job in dealing with the emotional brain. It is just beginning to discover the somatic brain. mBraining expands on the NLP model and, more importantly, provides a way of integrating the multiple brains together.

Further mBraining is based on a synthesis of the latest research in neurology and cognitive science. Marvin and Grant have done an amazing job of collecting and synthesizing the latest scientific research. None of their work is speculative. It is all based on hard scientific research. Furthermore, this is the birth of a new field. Their model will continue to expand as scientific research yields new discoveries. There are many insights that go beyond what Grant and Marvin have synthesized. As further research validates these insights they will be included in the mBraining model.

In short, if you want a model that synthesizes NLP, that expands upon it and that is based on hard science, then mBraining is for you. Learn it now and get in on the ground floor. There is much work to be done. Let us get started.

Wyatt L. Woodsmall, Ph.D. NLP Master Trainer and Master Modeler Co-Creator of the International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA)