Cool mBIT Products...


By popular request from participants of our trainings, we now have a range of cool looking mBIT Apparel.

Check out our well-priced high quality men's and women's T-Shirts, Tank-Tops and Sweat-Shirts with various designs.

Using premium bra
nds such as Hanes, Gildan and others, the items are manufactured by 'The Print Bar', one of only 4 printers in Australia with the Brother GT-782 printing processes. They don't do tacky transfers that crack, fade or peel. This is quality apparel with great printing, made to look good and last.

And if there's something you want and it's not shown on our Product eStore, just drop us an email, telling us the sort of clothing item or design you want and if the manufacturer has it available then we'll add one to the eStore.

We even ha
ve mBraining Chef's Aprons for the multiple-brained Chef in your life, and an mBraining Baby's Bib for that upcoming multiple-brained babe :-)