mBraining Innergetics Coaching

    • Do you or your clients struggle to make decisions or take action sometimes...

    • Do you or your clients struggle with diets, food or weight issues?

    • Would you like to take control of your eating with total choice?

    • Learn to deeply connect with your gut wisdom

    • Enjoy abundant energy, a healthy body and your optimal body shape and size

    • Recapture the pleasure of eating

    • Empower yourself and your clients to reconnect to gut intelligence and freedom

    • Restore your body's natural balance and attractive appearance

“Our relationship to food is a central one that reflects our gut-based attitudes toward our environment and ourselves. As a practice, embodied mindful eating can bring us awareness of our own actions, thoughts, feelings and motivations, and deep insights into the core roots of health and contentment.”

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mBraining Innergetics is a neuroscience-based intuitive approach to eating that liberates you from:

  • Restrictive diets

  • Compulsive eating

  • Obsessing with weight or body image

  • Guilt about food

  • Cumbersome eating decisions and habits

  • Erosion of your creative mind

mBraining Innergetics Coaching is informed by the action research, evidence based field of mBIT Coaching combined with the deep practices of the Innergetics – Inner Eating programme. Innergetics empowers you to reconnect with your body's intuitive signals in order to reclaim your rightful ownership of eating. Nourishing the body is a natural process. Learn a step by step process for Coaching the mBraining Innergetics process. Help your clients reclaim their body, their motivation and their life!

Every day we spend time eating – how we eat and how we connect with our gut and heart wisdom during the eating process – reflects and resonates out into all other aspects of our being.

For over 25 years, author, speaker, body image and inner-eating world expert, Shirley Billigmeier has been helping and coaching women, men, teens and children to resolve their issues with food and eating. Based on her professional and personal experience and her nationally best-selling book, Inner Eating, she created Innergetics as a tool for developing and maintaining a healthy balanced relationship between food and your body. Combining Innergetics with the neuroscience based models of mBIT, the mBraining Innergetics model addresses head-on problems and challenges we all face each day. The real-life tools and techniques make it easy to coach and produce fast results.

Why join us on this training:

    • You personally gain your optimal body size, naturally and through wise inner choice.

    • You learn to get in touch with your inner gut and autonomic wisdom, and through easy daily focus on eating behaviors and choices, you build neural plasticity that ripples beyond the wiser gut brain learnings of healthy balanced eating freedom into the other gut, heart and autonomic prime functions of action taking, core identity, optimal energy and self-flourishing.

    • You become licensed as an mBraining Innergetics Coach and learn how to coach Clients in inner-eating through 'Total Choice’, providing another income stream to your coaching practice.

Innergetics has proven that honoring the gut's simple hunger and taste messages will result in an optimal body that is balanced overall. In contrast, dieting or a narrow focus on the size of the body will only result in continuous struggle and frustration. Intellectualizing about food and eating actually blocks information that our body sends about hunger, satisfaction and other needs and feelings.

.mBraining Innergetics allows you to become aware of the positive and nurturing opportunities that are available through food selection and preparation by respecting your own inner wisdom.

What you will get when you join us on this programme:

  • A series of live mBraining Innergetics webinars (recorded and available online for those who cannot make the live sessions) over three months = 12 x Weekly Sessions to experience Innergetics in your own life.

  • A series of 4 live mBraining Innergetics Coaching monthly webinars to learn the deeper concepts and principles and how to coach the Innergetics process (the coaching webinars will begin after a short break for you to integrate the Innergetics practices in your own life).

  • The programme includes a Comprehensive pdf Workbook with summaries of the slides and tools and worksheets, along with other generative learning tools.

  • Participants receive one free skype-based Innergetics coaching session with Shirley (half an hour each) as part of the programme (and a discount for ongoing one-on-one coaching if desired).

  • Webinars cover the larger why frame, the what and more importantly the how. They cover what works, what doesn’t and how to overcome any bumps in the road or obstacles to Total Choice and Inner Freedom, to tapping into Inner Wisdom (taste), and the tools to step into Wise Gut Choice.

  • Certification as an mBraining Innergetics Coach and all the tools you’ll need to coach others in this Programme.

  • Ongoing support to ensure you are able to feel confident in your Innergetics coaching practice.

Learn to use all three of your brains and intuitive intelligences to make wiser eating decisions and watch this flow into every other area of your life. Gain a new found energy and motivation to deeply embody your gut intelligence at the core identity level.


Download the Programme Brochure below: