mBIT Massage Certification

Would you like to offer a massage that’s re-organisational? A massage that’s Transformational? A massage that connects your client to themselves in ways that bring the human spirit alive!

Become professionally certified in mBIT Massage and join a fast growing field that is taking the world by storm!

Offer your clients:

  • Lasting Changes in their Lives

  • Ways to reorganise their doing, feeling and being to shift them to experience Greater levels of Wellness

  • Connection with their Deepest Inner Self

  • Balance In their Lives

  • Discovery of the Highest Expressions they can bring into their World Right Now

  • Tap Into the Power of their Multiple Intelligences

  • Tools to Help them Every Day

mBIT Massage is informed by the action research, evidence based field of mBIT Coaching. Standing for multiple Brain Integration Techniques, also known as mBraining, it is a field that uses neuroscience findings about your multiple brains (head, heart and gut brains) and what they have to offer for increasing intuitive abilities and for immediately generating wiser decision-making in your daily life. Providing you with numerous, practical and easy to learn methods, a session of mBIT Massage gives your clients opportunities to communicate with and tap into the innate intelligence of their multiple brains to reorganise how they’re doing and feeling their pain in the first place.

“I have made it a priority to see my mBIT Massage Practitioner once a month as she has the ability to connect with me on such a spiritual level. She understands everything my body needs and also helps me mentally with her extensive knowledge of mBraining. I use my sessions as a way to reset my body and brain for the month. I know it sounds cliched but mBIT Massage has brought me back to life and I could not be more thankful"

Lynh C - Air Hostess

At this training you’ll discover…

  • How to recognize and interpret the autonomic nervous system, the different languages of your three main intelligences and how they affect your clients at a musculoskeletal, somatic level.

  • Deep insights into how to offer greater levels of wellness, beyond just being pain free.

  • How your gut and heart brains are able to learn and grow new neural pathways and how you can actively educate them for greater intuition and better decisions.

  • How to balance the autonomic nervous system through the mBIT Balanced Breathing method to quickly relieve stress.

We have 3 separate intelligences operating in our bodies and these have habits and learned patterns and can be aligned or not aligned. Our musculoskeletal system is affected by this misalignment. How your clients multiple brains communicate and operate with each other is vital for their congruence, success and happiness. When you do this through massage, you produce transformational effects in your clients’ lives. You align their body as well as their multiple brains!

It can be life denying when our brains fight each other or ignore each other and alternately, it is incredibly life enhancing when our multiple brains work harmoniously together to produce generative wisdom in our lives

"When you offer this to your clients, their health goals become more sustainable"

The powerful new techniques you will learn in this training:

  • How neuroscience research has shown that you have three brains, and how these findings validate ancient wisdom teachings and practises.

  • How to harness the innate intelligences and generative wisdom of your multiple brains through the process of ‘mBraining’.

  • An entire suite of powerful and easy to learn ‘multiple Brain Integration Techniques’, collectively known as mBIT and how to integrate this into your massage practice.

  • The 9 Prime Functions of your head, heart and gut brains, and how each provides you with a different ability and talent, and how they can affect the musculoskeletal system.

  • The 5 classes of mBIT Neural Integration Constraints that give you deep insight into how the three brains may produce internal conflict within your clients, and what you can do about it.

  • How to balance the Autonomic Nervous System through the ‘mBIT Balanced Breathing’ method to quickly relieve stress and gain access to the innate intelligences of the three brains.

  • The technique of ‘mBIT Syntax Integration’ to explicitly align the three brains into their Highest Expressions through your massage.

  • The ‘mBIT Foundational Sequence of touch’ to ensure you are working with the three brains in the optimum sequence for generative results.

  • How to work with ‘mBIT Neural Integration Engagements’ and guided visualization to significantly amplify the effectiveness and power of your techniques whenever working with the three brains whilst massaging.

  • How to deepen your awareness as a bodyworker and do something in the world to make a difference to assist your clients who are ready for it, to help them in a way that their life changes, they don’t end up with the same dysfunctional patterns, creating dis-ease in their body.

"To touch can be to give life."

-- Michelangelo

Learn new ways to touch your Clients' heart, their spirit, their life -- learn how to do ontological touch that entrains and transforms your Clients' neural intelligence!

What participants are saying about this incredible Training:

"Just wanted to share that I've had some amazing results and feedback from my clients this week after using mBIT techniques. They could feel this difference energetically. I feel different too. More flowing..."

Kat.G, Remedial Massage Therapist

"I had feedback from a client today whom I have been working with for the past 4 months. She ruptured her ACL and MCL 6 months ago. She was told she would have to have surgery. She told the surgeon if they could hold off from having surgery to see what her body could do. With mBIT massage, remedial massage and some myotherapy she was told today by the orthopaedic surgeon she no longer needs surgery! One very happy client."

Lucinda R, Myotherapist

"I have had the most amazing three days doing the mBIT Massage Training. I have learnt so much about the Heart's Compassion, the Head of Creativity, and the Gut of Courage and the importance of those three brains and integrating this into all facets of life. I am really looking forward to taking this information, that resonates with me so well, into my practice so that I can be an instrument to help my clients and patients. This will enhance their lives, better their lives and give them the opportunity to have so much more union with themselves as they go out into our world. I hope this training grows exponentially throughout the world.

It’s been a fabulous three days!"

Sharon Don-Leonard, Clinical and Sports Massage

For more information and to find out when and where the next mBIT Massage Certification training is being held, please contact mbraining@gmail.com